CCI: Doctor Who

David Tennant and Russel T. Davies met with a legion of "Doctor Who" fans at Comic-Con International to discuss what the "Guinness Book of World Records" has declared to be the world's most successful sci-fi series.

CCI: Futurama

With the voice-over acting crew conspicuously missing due to contract negotiations with FOX, the writing crew of "Futurama" held down the fort at Comic-Con with spoilers and speculation.

CCI: The Simpsons

The Simpsons are back for a 21th season, and this year's Comic-Con panel reveals spoilers, celebrity guest voices, and a surprise even the panel members didn't expect! CBR was there to get the details.

CCI: Hellboy

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and longtime editor Scott Allie met with fans at Comic-Con International to talk about what's next for the Beast of the Apocalypse. CBR News was there to hear the prophecy.

CCI: Coraline

Neil Gaiman and the creative minds behind "Coraline" convened at Comic-Con International to share secrets from the animation's production and preview special features from the Blu-Ray edition, and CBR was there.

CCI: 9

Producer Tim Burton and director Shane Acker presented their animated vision of the future involving dolls and machinery to Comic-Con crowds. Is the world ready for stitch-punk? CBR was there to get all the goods on "9."

CCI: Dynamite Entertainment Panel

More word on the publisher's new projects from Alex Ross' team-up with State Street Films to a legendary return and a brand new superhero series, plus discussion of the comics/Hollywood connection

CCI: "24"

The Emmy winning team returns with Season eight of Keifer Sutherland's action hit "24," and appearance two at Comic-Con, complete with returning stars and newly added cast members Katee Sackhoff and Anil Kapoor.

CCI: IDW is Old School

IDW continues their efforts breathe new life into classic comic strips via their Library of American Comics line, including upcoming collections highlighting everything from classic Archie stories to the works of luminaries like Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, C

CCI: JMS on Professional Writing

J. Michael Straczynski hosted a writing seminar during Comic-Con International, answering questions and dispensing advice to a packed room full of aspiring comic book and screenplay writers.

CCI: Stargate Universe

The newly branded SyFy channel introduces the continuation of the fifteen-season-long string of Stargate shows with their newest and most morally ambiguous creation, "Stargate Universe."

CCI: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Creators and voice talent behind Marvel's upcoming video game sequel reveal Penance as a playable character, talk about the story and gameplay options, and welcome Stan Lee to the panel and into the game itself.

CBR TV @ CCI 2009: Cup O' Joe Q&A, Part 2

In this special CBR TV edition of CUP O' JOE from Comic-Con International, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada answers your questions about "Daredevil: End of Days" and the end of Andy Diggle"s run on "Thunderbolts."

CCI: Gene Colan & That '70s Panel

Gene Colan was late to his own Spotlight, but a gathering of 1970s talent (including Marv Wolfman, Doug Moench and others) were happy to sing the legend's praises - and discuss comics of their own.

The Nerdy Bird's First Flight to CCI - Part 4

The Nerdy Bird partied too hard her last night in San Diego and spent her last day at Comic-Con with the BBC. Miraculously, she's made it out alive. Check out her final thoughts on her first ever CCI in her convention wrap-up!

CCI: The Human Target

Len Wein and the cast and crew of the upcoming FOX drama, "Human Target," answered questions from a receptive audience at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and CBR was there to get all the details.

CCI: Wednesday Comics

An all-star panel of creators behind DC's highly successful "Wednesday Comics" met with fans at Comic-Con to share the trials, techniques and sheer joy that come with working on the Mark Chiarello project.

CCI: Radical Publishing

CBR was on hand for Radical Publishing's panel at Comic-Con, including Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Pugh, David Hine, Jim Steranko, Nick Simmons, Steve Niles, Rick Remember, Sam Sarkar, M. Zachary Sherman, Mark Long and Nick Sagan.

CCI: Marv Wolfman's Write Stuff

Legendary comics writer Marv Wolfman hosted a writing seminar at Comic-Con International in San Diego, with much of the time being spent on family, conflict and the "New Teen Titans." CBR was there.

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