CBR TV @ CCI 2009: Cup O' Joe Q&A, Part 3

In this special CBR TV edition of CUP O' JOE from Comic-Con International, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada answers your questions about Charlie Huston, Stephen King and "Spectacular Spider-Man."

CCI: "Creepy" & "Eerie"

Dark Horse Comics and New Comic Company met with fans at Comic-Con to discuss the past, present, and future of the legendary "Creepy" and "Eerie" horror series. Sheer terror was handily distributed.

CCI: The Cleveland Show

It's "The Cleveland Show!" Spun from the depths of "Family Guy," it's already got a second season approved before the first has seen the light of day. But we've got the scoop on exclusive Comic-Con previews.

CCI: Family Guy

Comic-Con's "Family Guy" panel brought news of abortion episode too hot for TV, voice actors who really love each other, and a sneak peak and the upcoming "Empire Strikes Back" parody episode: "Something, Something Dark Side."

CCI: Battlestar Galactica Orchestra

CBR brings you a report from a rare live performance by composer Bear McCreary and the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra of the music of the beloved SyFy series, which also included a tribute to Michael Jackson.

CCI: SLG Publishing

Dan Vado, head of SLG Publishing, presented at Comic-Con new video trailers of the company's upcoming titles and collections, including the new series "Pinnochio the Vampire Slayer."

CCI: Robot Chicken & Titan Maximum

At Comic-Con, "Robot Chicken" creators including Seth Green and Breckin Mayer teased the show's upcoming season along with a sneak peek at this fall's robot parody "Titan Maximum."

CCI: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

"Prince of Persia" creator Jordan Mechner teams up with Todd McFarlane, Cameron Stewart, Tommy Lee Edwards and Bernand Chang to create a one-shot anthology in advance of the new Jake Gyllenhaal film.

CCI: Joe Hill

Joe Hill and IDW Publishing's Chris Ryall met with fans at Comic-Con International to discuss his new "Locke and Key" series, his feelings about the Eisner Awards, and his slate of upcoming projects.

CCI: Battlestar Galactica & Caprica

From surprise guests to exclusive previews, the "Battlestar Galactica" crew delivered at Comic-Con with "Caprica" and "The Plan." CBR was there to hear what Ronald D. Moore and Edward James Olmos had to say.

CCI: Frazetta Comics

The Frazetta Comics editor spoke with CBR about a trio of new titles from the Image imprint, including three new installments of "Dark Kingdom," a Joe Hill-penned one-shot titled "Kodiak" and more.

CCI: Solomon Kane

Demons, swords, and a whole lotta blood make their way to the big screen thanks to this adaptation of Robert E. Howard's character. CBR was at Comic-Con to hear what the filmmakers had to say about the prioject.

CCI: G.I. Joe Toys & VIdeo Game

Hasbro and the designers of the "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" video game met with fans at Comic-Con International to talk about new toys, new games, and the future of the beloved franchise.

CUP O' JOE: Marvelman!

In the first post-Comic-Con edition of CUP O' JOE, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada talks to CBR about his convention experience, Marvel's big Marvelman news, and how the publisher plans to structure its new "events."

CCI: FlashForward

David Goyer, Brannon Braga, Marc Guggenheim and the cast of the television show "FlashForward" sat down at Comic-Con to share a sneak peak of the new sci-fi show, which premiers on ABC in September.

CCI: DC Universe Online

The creative minds behind "DC Universe Online" presented their highly anticipated MMORPG to gamers at Comic-Con International, and CBR was there to get the nitty gritty from Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, and Marv Wolfman.

CCI: Darwyn Cooke

Venerable creator Darwyn Cooke and editor Scott Dunbier talked to fans at Comic-Con International about the "New Frontier" author's latest hit graphic novel from IDW Publishing, "Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter."

CCI: Spectacular Spider-Man

The talent behind Marvel and Disney XD's hit animated series met with fans at Comic-Con to talk characters, action, and how viewers can help get "The Spectacular Spider-Man" renewed for a third season.

CCI: Terry Moore

Terry Moore spoke on a variety of topics at his spotlight panel at Comic-Con, including movie plans for "Echo," the "Strangers in Paradise" omnibus, and future plans for his creations.

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