CCI: The Archie Comics Panel

At CCI on Friday, Archie Comics announced new titles, both print and web-based, an iTunes subscription plan and Michael Uslan discussed his new limited series "Archie Marries Veronica."

CCI: Spotlight on Geoff Johns

The writer of such DC Comics titles as "Blackest Night," "Green Lantern" and "The Flash: Rebirth," Geoff Johns met with fans at Comic-Con in San Diego to answer questions about his career and upcoming projects.

CCI: The IDW Panel

Publisher and EiC Chris Ryall led a group discussion with several IDW notables and newcomers, announcing a number of new titles including "Weekly World News," an adaptation of... the supermarket tabloid paper?

CCI: "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" Video, Pics

Activision has released new video from their highly anticipated "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2," featuring Gambit and Jean Grey in action as well as screengrabs from the game featuring Deadpool, Iron Fist and more

CCI: Nicola Cuti Earns Inkpot Honor

"E-Man" co-creator Nicola Cuti, a longtime veteran of comics, animation and film, was surprised with Comic-Con International's Inkpot Award for career achievement prior to his Spotlight panel on Thursday.

CCI: Dark Horse's "Baseball Boss" Game

Dark Horse Comics and Challenge Online Games have announced a new online baseball-themed game featuring some of the publisher's biggest characters, including The Goon, Hellboy, Concrete and more.

CCI: Mondo Marvel Panel

CBR's coverage of San Diego's Comic-Con International continues with the Mondo Marvel panel. Find out about a new "Black Widow" mini, "Cap/Black Panther," and more right here.

CCI: ICv2's Comics And Media Conference

Luminaries from the printed page and the silver screen talk about the future of comics as movies and TV shows with everyone from Jeph Loeb to Jeff Smith to Mike Mignola speaking on the oft discussed subject.

CCI: DC Comics Superman Panel

DC Comics held its Superman panel Thursday morning Comic Con International in San Diego, with Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Greg Rucka, and more discussing the various titles--and making some rude jokes.

CUP O' DOODLES: Hasbro Packaging Pt. 1

Check out Joe Quesada's many sketches and production process behind the artwork for Hasbro's Marvel 70th Anniversary packaging, some of which is exclusive to Comic-Con International in San Diego.

CCI: "Iron Man 2" Video Game Trailer

Check out the first trailer for SEGA's new video game "Iron Man 2," featuring a story written by Matt Fraction that incorporates concepts from the feature films as well as the comic books.

CCI: Liberty Comics Returns to Kick Ass

Image and the CBLDF team-up for a new issue of "Liberty Comics," featuring Neil Gaiman, Jim Lee, Paul Pope and more. We spoke with editor Jamie S. Rich, Jimmy Palmiotti and CBLDF's Charles Brownstein about the book.

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