CCC09: DC Comics' Sunday Conversation

Obscure '80s characters coming back, DC's space heroes stepping up strong, and new plans for the Batman and Superman franchises took the spotlight at the traditional fan discussion panel, and CBR was there.

CCC09: Alex Maleev's Digital Pencils

Last weeked in Chicago, former "Daredevil" artist Alex Maleev gave an overview of the shift in technology from his early art career to this year's animated iTunes release, "Spider-Woman."

CCC09: Tieri Talks Wolverine

Frank Tieri talks to CBR News about his two returning to Marvel's Mighty Mutant in two upcoming projects, "Wolverine: Mr. X" and "Wolverine Vs. Thor," both of which were announced last weekend in Chicago.

CCC09: James O'Barr

At last weekend's Chicago Comic-Con, James O'Barr, creator of "The Crow," discussed the tragedies that shaped his work and his perspective of success in Hollywood as well as his upcoming work in comics, and CBR was there.

CCC09: Dan Slott Talks Spider-Man

"Amazing Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott met with Chicago fans to discuss Marc Guggenheim's love of the Ben Reilly era, plans for Mr. Negative, and recent Mary Jane revelations. CBR was there to get the details.

CCC09: X-Force

The creative team behind Marvel's "X-Force" -- Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost and Mike Choi -- shared with Chicago fans their experiences on the title as well as offer advice on breaking into comics and animation.

CCC09: Dynamite Entertainment

A full lineup of Dynamite talent took the stage in Chicago to talk about the future of "Project Superpowers," the historical significance of Zorro and more plans for classic heroes, and CBR was there.

CCC09: Disney's Kingdom Comics

Christian Beranek previewed plans for Disney's Kingdom Comics line at Wizard Wold Chicago. While not getting specific, the editor confirmed Kingdom will focus on re-imagined live-action properties.

CCC09: Cornell, Kirk & Lowe Talk "Dark X-Men"

This November in "Dark X-Men" the title characters embark on a mission that puts them on a collision course with a returning fan favorite and very powerful character. We spoke with Editor Nick Lowe, writer Paul Cornell, and artist Leonard Kirk.

CCC09: John Ostrander Benefit Auction

Saturday evening, Chicago Comic-Con played host to an auction benefitting long-time comics scribe John Ostrander. CBR was on hand to witness fans and professionals bidding on original art and other items to help a friend.

CCC09: X-Men Panel

At Sunday's X-Men panel at the Chicago Comic-Con, Marvel announced a new miniseries for the Captain Britain creative team, a new ongoing featuring Beast and S.W.O.R.D., and Wolverine and Thor teaming up for digital comics.

CCC09: Stark Disassembled!

Iron Man's run from Norman Osborn comes to an end in November, when it's time to take stock of what's left of the man beneath the armor in "Stark Disassembled." We spoke with writer Matt Fraction about the arc.

CCC09: Bendis on "Dark Avengers Annual" #1

Nobody likes to be duped, and once Noh-Varr AKA Captain Marvel found out, he was not happy. In December's "Dark Avengers" Annual #1, he puts a plan for revenge into action. We spoke with writer Brian Michael Bendis.

CCC09: DnA's "Realm of Kings"

CBR speaks with writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning about their next big cosmic event, "Realm of Kings," a storyline about a mysterious phenomenon that creates chaos for Marvel's cosmic heroes.

CCC09: Assault on New Olympus!

Hercules and an all-star team of Marvel heroes storm Wall Street on a mission to save humanity in "Assault on New Olympus," coming this fall from Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak and Rodney Buchemi, who spoke with us about the project.

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