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CBR Boat Show: Looking Back & Ahead

Did you catch the CBR Boat Show video interviews conducted during Comic-Con on the CBR Yacht? We'll catch you up on what you missed and tell you which guests are coming up next!

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: Mark Waid

Boom! Comics Editor-In-Chief Mark Waid stopped by the CBR Yacht to talk about all of Boom!'s major announcements during the show, including "The Incredibles" and the Waid imprint, plus how life is one year into his gig as EiC!

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: Steve Niles

The CBR Boat Show cruises with Steve Niles who talks comics, updates the status of the feature film "Walk the Dead" and announces that his next feature film script will be for horror director legend John Carpenter.

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: Joe Quesada

The CBR Boat Show voyages continue as Joe Quesada joins us on the CBR Yacht to discuss a number of big Thursday announcements, the status of his contract and, well, let's just say sea sickness was a possibility.

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: Robert Kirkman, Part 1

It's the first CBR Boat Show interview from Comic-Con! Robert Kirkman stopped by and in this first of a two-part interview, Kirkman spoke about handing over Invincible for motion comics adaptation.

CBR TV @ CCI 2007: Michael Turner

Comic Book Resources is proud to present, in loving memory, a never before seen video interview conducted with Michael Turner one year ago during Comic- Con International in San Diego on the CBR Yacht.

CBR @ CCI 2007: Yacht Tour

The CBR Boat Show is in full effect down at Comic-Con International in San Diego. In our first installment, Jonah Weiland gives you a tour of the CBR Yacht, moored directly behind the convention center.

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