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The Maggott Defense

This week, Brett White finally writes a column explaining that every character, even the much-maligned, one-time X-Man Maggott, has potential.

Marvel Teases the Future of "Uncanny X-Men"

Marvel has released a Greg Land-illustrated teaser hinting at events in the future of "Uncanny X-Men," from a intimate moment for Emma Frost and Namor to Hope confronting the Phoenix Force and more.

Marvel Teases New "Uncanny X-Men" Cast

Marvel has released what appears to be the first in a series of teasers unveiling the cast of Kieron Gillen and Carlos Pacheco's new "Uncanny X-Men" title, starting with Emma Frost.

PREVIEW: "X-Men: Schism" #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an unlettered preview of "X-Men: Schism" #1 by Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco. With Cyclops and Wolverine at odds, the X-Men civil war ignites on July 13, 2011.

Marvel Teases "X-Men: Schism" Battle

Marvel has released an Adam Kubert illustrated promo image for "X-Men: Schism" teasing an all-out brawl between Cyclops and Wolverine. The X-Event by Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco kicks off in July.

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