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Advance X-Solicitations, June 2009 - UPDATED!

Marvel has provided CBR with advance looks at new X-Men comics on sale in June including new issues of "Astonishing X-Men," "Uncanny X-Men," "Wolverine: Weapon X," "Deadpool," "Captain Britain & MI13" and much more.

X-POSITION: Paul Cornell

In this week's all-new X-POSITION, writer Paul Cornell answers your questions about the incomparable "Captain Britain and MI13" as well as his upcoming "Dark Reign: Young Avengers." Plus exclusive art!

Marvel Comics On Sale November 12th, 2008

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "Captain Britain and MI: 13" #7, "Eternals Annual" #1, "New Exiles" #13, "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane" #4 and more. Previews fixed!

In this week's PIPELINE, Augie has a special Omnibus announcement from Marvel, thoughts on what would be needed in a theoretical comics auction site, and two other ideas for the comics industry to make money off of.

Rich follows up on the big news from last week concerning the pulping of "All Star Batman & Robin" and discovers two more books which have been pulped, plus changing photos in the "Iron Man" film and much, much more.

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