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The writer/artist behind DC's latest ongoing Batman series, David Finch swings by CBR to uncover what obscure heroes help drive the supernatural tone of "The Dark Knight" plus an exclusive preview of the first issue.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Tony Daniel & David Finch

With a pair of Dark Knights suiting up for the all-new "Batman Inc." era, CBR's THE BAT SIGNAL shines on the two writer-artists charting solo adventures for Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, Tony Daniel and David Finch.


The next chapter in Grant Morrison's Batman mega-epic starts here as artist Yanick Paquette helps take the Dark Knight on a brand-building, globe-trotting mission full of new heroes, new villains and old flames.

DC E-i-C Harras On Batman's New Normal

With the line-shifting game changer hitting the Dark Knight in today's "Batman & Robin" #16, DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras swings by to explain how Bruce Wayne's return will affect not just his life but the entire world of Gotham City.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison stops by THE BAT SIGNAL for a two-part talk on where Batman has been and where he's going, the mythic elements driving the sci-fi ending of "Return of Bruce Wayne"and the revelation of Doctor Hurt's identity.

DC Comics Solicitations for December, 2010

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in December 2010, including the latest from "Brightest Day," "Batman Inc.," "Green Lantern" and much more.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Fabian Nicieza

We spoke with Fabian Nicieza about designing "Bruce Wayne - The Road Home," DC Comics' October event spanning eight self-contained yet inter-connected one-shots covering the closest allies and oldest enemies of Batman.

DC Unveils Batman's Future

Grant Morrison's "Batman Inc" begins an era of two Batmen in Gotham as Bruce WAyne and Dick Grayson retain the cowl, but more surprises lay in store for the Bat-franchise including a team-up with Catwoman against a new foe.

Covering Bruce Wayne's "Road Home"

In a massive series of eight covers, artist Shane Davis takes on the modern Batman universe with over six feet of art to present DC's "Bruce Wayne: The Road Home" while Yanick Paquette prepares for "Batman Inc."

CCI: Batman The Return

The Bat-writers of the DC Universe gathered together to discuss the return of Bruce Wayne and announced Morrison's newest series featuring the Dark Knight--"Batman, Inc!"

DC Comics Solicitations for October, 2010

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in October 2010, including the latest from "Brightest Day," "Fables" #100, "Bruce Wayne: The Road Home" and more.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Grant Morrison

THE BAT SIGNAL spotlights Grant Morrison as he begins the Dark Knight's history-spanning homecoming back to modern day Gotham City in the highly anticipated six-issue miniseries, "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne."


CBR debuts a new regular feature focusing on DC Comics Dark Knight as well as a full-service Batman Hub for his fans. We kick it off with an extensive interview with Editor Mike Marts on the future of the entire Bat line!

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