brenden fletcher

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink #1

In Brenden Fletcher, Kelly Thompson and Daniele Di Nicuolo's "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink" #1, Kimberly Hart suits up again after her parents and the other residents of a sleepy French village mysteriously disappear.

Batgirl #52

In "Batgirl" #52, Brenden Fletcher, Eleonora Carlini and Minkyu Jung's wrap-up of the series feels almost like an afterthought, despite some fun cameo appearances by the "Gotham Academy" cast.

Batgirl #50

Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, Bats Tarr and company wrap up the Fugue's plot in "Batgirl" #50, which serves as a strong conclusion to their run on the title.

Gotham Academy #16

"Gotham Academy" #16 continues the "Yearbook" storyline, allowing other creators like James Tynion IV and Ken Niimura to tell short stories at the boarding school.

Black Canary #7

The Quietus arrives and the band rallies to stop it in "Black Canary" #7, where Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu use the language of comics to best show its rampage.

Batgirl #47

Batgirl attempts to infiltrate the GCPD with the help of Spoiler and Bluebird, but not everything is as it seems in Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, Eleonora Carlini and Moritat's "Batgirl" #47.

Batgirl #46

In "Batgirl" #46, Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr mix the fantastical and down-to-earth, and the end result is a story that has a little something for everyone.

Gotham Academy #13

Brenden Fletcher, Adam Archer and Sandra Hope plunge the school into "Robin War" in "Gotham Academy" #13, which introduces zombies to the overall story, even as the title's own plots continue to advance.

Gotham Academy #12

"Gotham Academy" #12 wraps up the series' first year's worth of issues, and -- even as the students mount a rescue of Kyle from within the abandoned Arkham Asylum -- a greater danger lurks just around the corner.

Batgirl #45

Wedding bells are ringing in Burnside in Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr's "Batgirl" #35.

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