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The Late Shows: Series That Won't Be Returning in September

We're in upfronts week, when the networks announce their new line-ups for the new television year starting in September, revealing what shows are returning and what shows are premiering. Less excitingly for fans and creators, however, it's also when the shows get officially cancelled by the networks, sometimes without making much noise about it. If you're wondering whether your favorite bubble shows have quietly met their end, here's a list of the shows that won't be returning for next year.

5 March TV Debuts We Can't Wait To Watch

Despite the extra day, we've managed to make it to March relatively unscathed, and look what's waiting for us: New Mad Men and Community! If that wasn't enough, there's also much-anticipated new drama Awake, and Ashley Judd returning to the small screen. Read on for the March debuts we're most excited about.

Your Guide To The Shows That Didn't Make It To Fall 2011

Upfronts week - that time of year when network executives tell advertisers and the world at large what shows they'll be airing come the new fall season, and we all start wondering which ones will fail first - is coming to an end. And while, for most people, that means they can start thinking about the future, I'd rather think about the past... and the shows that didn't make it to a new season.

Fox Cancels Human Target, Passes On Locke & Key

Ahead of its upfront presentation, the network announced five cancellations, including the comics-based action drama Human Target, and four new series, including J.J. Abrams' Alcatraz. However, Fox decided not to pick up the buzz-generating adaptation Locke & Key.

Thor, Superman, Akira: Apr 6th Comic Reel

Chris Hemsworth praises "Thor" cast! Miss Tessmacher to appear in "Superman" reboot? Robert Pattinson amused by "Akira" rumors. Also, "Dark Knight Rises" to film in Pittsburgh, "Doctor Who" at Wondercon, and more.

Fox's Breaking In Breaks Into CBR/Spinoff Online Offices

A cake was delivered to the CBR/Spinoff Online offices Tuesday afternoon from the "security firm" at the center of the new Fox comedy series Breaking In, starring Christian Slater. The cake felt too heavy for its size, so we decided to film the cutting of the cake to see what may be inside ...

WC11: Fox's Breaking In Panel

The cast and producers of the new Fox sitcom Breaking In appeared Sunday at WonderCon following a screening of the pilot. The group talked about upcoming episodes and the show's slant toward all things geeky.

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