breaking bad

Recap | Breaking Bad: 'Gliding Over All'

In the final episode of Breaking Bad this year, we meet Todd's uncle, Walt ties up those nagging loose ends, Lydia proves her usefulness, Skyler shows off her storage unit, and Hank makes an accidental discovery.

Recap | Breaking Bad: 'Say My Name'

As Breaking Bad heads into its final episode of the year, Walt (or is that Heisenberg?) strikes a distribution deal, Jesse tries to wriggle out of his mentor's grip, and Mike discovers there's no such thing as a clean break.

Recap | Breaking Bad: 'Buyout'

This week's episode of Breaking Bad answers the burning question of what you do after you've stolen 1,000 gallons of methylamine: dispose of the witness and, if you're Jesse and Mike, get out of the drug business. Walt, however, has other plans.

Recap | Breaking Bad: 'Dead Freight'

In this week's episode of Breaking Bad, Walt, Jesse & Co. pull off a train heist to get what they need to stay in business, the Whites come to an understanding, and Todd takes the "no witnesses" edict to heart.

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