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CCI: The IDW Show

Live, from San Diego! IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall and Marketing VP Dirk Wood host a "late night" show at Comic-Con, with Duane Swierczynski, Alan Robert, Brea and Zane Grant, and... Alan Moore? Plus: announcements!

Brea and Zane Grant Will Bury You

Brea Grant, who played Daphne on "Heroes," and her brother Zane team up for their first comic book project, a zombie apocalypse set in the 1920s. CBR spoke with the writers about "We Will Bury You," debuting next week from IDW.

On Set With the Heroes of "Heroes"

CBR News visited the set of the popular TV show and spoke to the producers and cast members about episode four of “Volume Three: Villains” entitled “I Am Become Death," which aired earlier this week.

HEROES: On Set with Brea Grant

CBR visited the set of NBC's "Heroes" and spoke to actress Brea Grant about her new character, the villainous speedster Daphne, as well as her role in "Volume Three: Villains," and the return of a big baddie.

"Heroes" Star Brea Grant's Need For Speed

We catch up with the latest addition to "Heroes," Brea Grant, as we find out what it's been like to step into the comic book archetype of the speedster and take on everyone's favorite hero, Hiro Nakamura. Plus, her favorite comics!