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Why Does TV Like Green Arrow So Much?

The news that the CW's Arrow performed surprisingly well in the ratings for the CW last night - earning its best weekday night viewing figures for three years - is just the capper on a slowly-emerging fact that seems somewhat nonsensical to comic book fans. Namely: Green Arrow seems to be really rather popular with mainstream audiences.

Fisch Explores "The Brave and The Bold"

We spoke with child psychologist and comic book writer Sholly Fisch who shared which heroes will co-star in the new title first issues and the differences between this series and his "Super Friends" run.

This week: Hank Pym, "Phonogram" and...wait, what? That can't be right. Seriously? Brother Power The Geek was good enough to buy? Check that again. Really? Wow. Well, okay, there's that, and, uh...some other stuff too.

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