brandon thomas

The Brandon Thomas Interview

Tim talks with "Voltron" and "Miranda Mercury" writer Brandon Thomas about his experiences adding emotional depth to a literal cartoon character, his tendency to jump around in time, and the future.

"Voltron" Revisited

Tim checks in on the new "Voltron" comics from writer Brandon Thomas and finds more to like in those glossy pages than in any episodes of the still-surprisingly-fondly-remembered animated series.

Commentary Track: Dynamite's "Voltron" #1

Writer Brandon Thomas brings an inside look at Dynamite Entertainment's new "Voltron" series to CBR, explaining how he tied the space saga to Earth, big action ideas shared with "The Ultimates" and one unfortunate action movie trope.

Brandon Thomas Re-Commissions "Voltron"

Writer Brandon Thomas spoke with CBR News about his take on Lion Force for Dynamite Entertainment and his plans to combine nostalgia with modern storytelling to form a brand new "Voltron."