brandon jerwa

"Pantha" Goes On The Prowl in June

Vampirella's ally Pantha returns in June via Dynamite Entertainment and writer Brandon Jerwa with Mark Texeira and Sean Chen providing covers for the classic character's new series.

"Hack/Slash" Meets "Eva" at Dynamite

Dynamite has announced a four-issue crossover starring Tim Seeley's popular "Hack/Slash" and Eva, the daughter of Dracula. The series, launching in May, is written by Brandon Jerwa and features covers by Seeley.

Jerwa & Oeming: Return of the Fox

Brandon Jerwa and Michael Avon Oeming land on the same page to create a kung-fu kicking, Alex Toth-inspired version of the classic Red Circle vigilante the Fox in the co-feature pages of DC Comics' "The Shield" series.

Dynamite Explores the Stargate Universe

Chuck Dixon takes the helm of Dynamite's new line with "Stargate Universe," based on the newnew SyFy series, while Brandon Jerwa and Doug Murray tackle the worlds of "SG1" and "Stargate Atlantis."