Enter Poison Ivy's Lair in "DCU Online"

Sony Online Entertainment and DC Entertainment have released new images from "DC Universe Online" MMO, including looks at Gorilla Island, the Ulta-Humanite, Poison Ivy's lair, J/onn Jonzz and more.

Bedard Leads the "R.E.B.E.L.S"

Writer Tony Bedard continues his space-based stories starring Brainiac 2 and his intergalactic group of revolutionists. We spoke with him about bringing in the Green Lantern Corps as the title's latest antagonists.

Daily News Spoils This Week's "Action Comics"

In an item posted early this morning, New York's The Daily News revealed the death of a major cast member in this week's "Action Comics" #870, and is the latest in a series of superhero spoilers in the mainstream media.