Do We Need Season Finale Cliffhangers Anymore?

It's that time again: When all of our favorite shows come back from their summer hiatus, and you suddenly remember that the majority of them had cliffhangers that you remember very little about. While Google undoubtedly thanks you for the business, it has to be said: Is television doing it wrong?

Hanson, Stults Uncover The Finder

Creator Hart Hanson and star Geoff Stults discuss their new Fox drama The Finder, its roots in Hanson's hit series Bones, and what viewers can expect from the first season.

10 TV Holiday Shows To Stream For Christmas

We all know that Christmas is a time to get fed up of your friends and family and turn to television for the kind of cheer that you only wish existed in real life. Bearing that in mind, then, it seems only right to suggest some shows to dial up on Netflix Streaming to make your yuletide bright.

5 November TV Debuts We Can't Wait to Watch

It's Sweeps Month in televisionland this month, but that doesn't mean that every network is playing it safe. Sure, sweeps means new episodes of the top-rated shows as everyone tries to put their best foot forward, but that doesn't mean there aren't some all-new things to be watching in November, as well...

Why Star Trek Might Not Work For Today's TV Execs

For those of you just joining us, yesterday I wondered why we didn't have a new Star Trek television show on the air already, before suggesting that, just maybe, such a show wouldn't work on modern television anymore. Pick your appalled, disagreeing jaws off the ground; here's where I explain what I mean.

Life Lessons Star Trek Taught Us

This week saw the 45th anniversary of the debut of Star Trek, the science fiction franchise that reflected the optimism of the space race and made science fiction mainstream years before George Lucas would manage to get Darth Vader to pant heavily. As a television show, it changed everything and taught the world many valuable lessons... like the ones we're about to share with you.

Seven Years Is Enough For Any Television Series, Right?

I had an odd reaction to the news that Fox's Bones has been renewed for a seventh season earlier this week: The feeling that, finally, things could start wrapping up and coming to an end in a sensible, graceful manner. Why was that so odd, you may ask? Because no-one involved with the show has even hinted that Bones's seventh year will be its last. It's just my wishful thinking.

Bones Spins Off A New Series

Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth are no longer the only stars in the Bones universe, as Fox's forensic investigation series is getting company in the form of a developing spinoff show.

Fox Releases New Bones, House Images

Here's a sign that the new fall season is just around the corner: Fox has started releasing promotional artwork for returning shows. First up? Bones and House. Pictures and speculation after the jump.