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CCI: Legendary Comics Panel

The studio-powered publishing imprint expands its ranks from legends like Matt Wagner to talent including Mark Waid, Shane Davis and more, and CBR News is on hand LIVE for all the Legendary Comics news.

C2E2: Bob Schreck Climbs "The Tower Chronicles"

Legendary Comics Editor-in-Chief Bob Schreck discusses the creation of the supernatural thriller "The Tower Chronicles" by Thomas Tull, Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley. Plus, the debut of Jim Lee's cover for the series!

Legendary Confirms Frank Miller's "Holy Terror"

Frank Miller's long-gestating superhero vs. al-Qaeda comic will finish its march from Batman book to graphic novel as Legendary Pictures gives "Holy Terror" an official release date three days after the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

BCC: Paul Pope & Bob Schreck

Storied comic book editor Bob Schreck and superstar creator Paul Pope met with fans at Baltimore Comic-Con to discuss their working relationships, careers, and some surprising projects that could have been.

WC10: Return to Jurassic Park

IDW senior editor and first time writer, Bob Schreck is joined by artists Nate Van Dyke and Tom Yeates to discuss the upcoming comic "Jurassic Park: Redemption" as well as future "Jurassic Park" projects.

IDW Welcomes Schreck to Jurassic Park

This June, IDW unleashes "Jurassic Park: Redemption," a five-issue story arc, written by Bob Schreck. CBR News spoke with the award-winning editor about his first comic book writing assignment.

IDW Welcomes Readers Back to Jurassic Park

IDW has announced that "Jurassic Park: Redemption" will launch in June, written by Bob Schreck, illustrated by Nate Van Dyke, with covers by Frank Miller and Tom Yeates, with other luminaries providing future covers.

DC Comics Lays Off Editor Bob Schreck

Reports came in Friday that editor Bob Schreck, who oversaw DC Comics' best- selling All Star line among numerous other projects, has been let go by the company in the wake of Warner Bros'. company-wide layoffs.