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NYCC: Golden/Silver Age Living Legends

Golden and Silver Age creators John Romita Sr., Jerry Robinson and Al Jaffee talk about their years in the comic book industry and the mentors and peers they have worked with at the New York Comic Con.

NYCC: Jerry Robinson

Author Danny Fingeroth hosted one of comics' greats, the writer-artist-editor- historian Jerry Robinson, in a discussion about Batman, Bob Kane, the Siegel and Schuster settlement, and almost 70 years in the business.


With "Batman R.I.P." concluded and "The Dark Knight" available on DVD now, CBR presents a new series spotlighting the history of the Batman and the creators that made the character a part of the pop culture landscape.

Rich has word on a new Garth Ennis horror series, Mark Millar’s “Kick-Ass” going into pre-production, loads of news and notes out of the Bristol convention, Bob Kane’s personal Batman comics collection and more in LYING IN THE GUTTERS!

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