best of 2011

The Middle Ground #83 | Five of my favorites

"Best Of"s are always a problem for me; I get plagued by the knowledge that I know that I'm going to forget something really important - The list of important things that I've forgotten in my life is both embarrassingly long and just plain embarrassing, trust me - as well as the fact that I've just not managed to read all the good stuff released this year. How can I claim that something is one of the Best 10 Whatevers of the year if there's another something I suspect may be even better, if only I could finally get around to making time for it?

X-POSITION: Top X-Moments of 2011

2011 was yet another year of watershed moments for Marvel's (not so) merry mutants. Today's X-POSITION counts down the biggest 12 moments of the year for the X-Men and their friends and family as decided by you!