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5 January TV Debuts We Can't Wait to Watch

It may be the start of a new year, but it's also the start of a new month and that means as ever a look at what's lying ahead in terms of new seasons and new shows on television. The days of mid-winter being a quiet time for television schedules is over, with January seeing the return of a couple of comedy favorites, the return of what may be Syfy's best series and a couple of newcomers waiting to win your attention.

Previously on ... Being Human

Syfy's Being Human returns for its second season tomorrow, offering more thrills, spills and supernatural soap operatics for your buck than we have any reason to expect. If you missed the first season, here's everything you need to know to get caught up.

5 January TV Debuts We Can't Wait to Watch

As soon as January arrives and the holidays are out the way, television can finally begin to settle back into the business of offering enjoyable entertainment on a regular basis. Not only will we get new episodes of favorite shows like Fringe and Parks and Recreation, but there are also midseason premieres of favorites old and, just maybe, new. Here are five you should pay attention to.

Why The End Of Stargate Universe Means Bad Things For Syfy

A moment of silence, please, for Syfy's SGU: Stargate Universe, which finishes its run with Monday's episode, "Gauntlet." Not only am I personally sad about the show's cancellation, I also think that it's bad news for Syfy overall. After all: Where are the network's science fiction shows now?

5 Suggestions To Make New NBC Better Than The Old NBC

Now that the merger between NBC Universal and Kabletown - sorry, I mean, Comcast - has been approved by the FCC and introductory memos have been sent out to all staff members to make it official, it's time for the peacock network to start living up to its new motto and make history (again). Here're five thoughts how they can do that.

CCI: Being Human Panel

At Friday night's panel at Comic-Con International, the cast and creator of BBC America's Being Human discussed the origins and the appeal of the supernatural drama, the upcoming U.S. remake, and the darker tone of the season two. The season premiere airs tonight.

Doomsday Comes To American Human

Smallville fans, prepare to meet your Doom(sday) once more... Well, kind of. Sam Witwer, who played the human side of Doomsday in the eighth season of Smallville has signed on to star in Syfy's remake of the British series Being Human.

Your Guide To Summer Genre Television

The arrival of summer doesn't signal a drought of genre television series. Spinoff Online offers a rundown of science fiction, fantasy and horror viewing for the Dog Days, from True Blood and The Phantom to Futurama and The Venture Bros.

CCI: "Being Human" & "Torchwood"

BBC America hosted an extended panel at Comic-Con International, bringing one of its newest shows, "Being Human," and it's biggest hit, "Torchwood" to the stage for a panel of news and laughs.