BCC: Michael Allred

"Madman" creator Michael Allred and colorist Laura Allred met with loyal fans in Baltimore for a discussion of the Allreds' comics and music, and to hear what's next for their signature creation, Frank Einstein AKA Madman.

BCC: Marvel - Your Universe

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort welcomed fans to an informal chat at Baltimore Comic-Con, where he answered questions about Spider-Man and Mary Jane, Marvelman, the Blue Marvel, "events" and more.

Tim ditches the Scott Snyder conversation for a week to attend the Baltimore Comic Con, where he finds Paul Pope, Cliff Chiang, Jeff Parker, and learns about the intersection between art and memory.

BCC: DC Comics' Sunday Conversation

DC Comics Executive Story Editor Ian Sattler and "Supergirl" writer Sterling Gates stepped in for the absent Dan DiDio at the traditional Sunday Conversation at Baltimore Comic-Con, and CBR was there.

BCC: Irredeemable/ Incorruptible

BOOM! Studios' Mark Waid met with fans in Baltimore to discuss his work on the companion series "Irredeemable" and "Incorruptible," and also to discuss BOOM!'s new line of Stan Lee comics. CBR was there.

BCC: Todd McFarlane

Superstar creator and Image Comics founder Todd McFarlane discussed his career and his future at Baltimore Comic-Con, including his work on Marvel's Spider-Man. We've also got a preview of "Haunt" #9!

BCC: Thor

Notable "Thor" creators Walt Simonson, Jonathan Hickman, Bryan J.L. Glass and John Workman met with fans in Baltimore for a lively panel conducted by Marvel editor Tom Brevoort, and CBR was there.

BCC: DC Nation

DC Nation showed up in force, with panelists including Sterling Gates, Shane Davis, Nick Spencer, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Ivan Brandon. CBR was there to listen in on the relatively relaxed discussion panel.

BCC: Mondo Marvel Panel

Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and ace writers Jonathan Hickman and Jeff Parker sat down with fans to talk Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thunderbolts, and death at the Baltimore Comic-Con.