Cover of the Week - March 20

This week, Kate Kane is on fire, B.P.R.D. braces for a cold day in hell, the Devourer of Worlds is feeling a little puckish, Marko's father has a way with flowers and private eyes (clap-clap) are watching you.

Cover of the Week - February 20

This week, Kate Kane is triumphant, Carol Danvers is wistful, "Locke & Key" is photogenic, Nova is space-bound and Wolverine is in for a world of hurt as Kevin and Steve bring you the Cover of the Week.

Cover of the Week - January 23

This week, Hooded Justice goes ghostly, Batwoman and Wonder Woman go snake-hunting, Deadpool goes whaling, Mars goes all "Strangers in Paradise" and the Young Avengers go clubbing.

Cover of the Week - November 21

This week, Batwoman and Wonder Woman draw on Pegasus, Sirocca creeps up on Diana, the Shadow knows (how to ride a motorcycle), Captain America stands tall and Daredevil swings past guns, and ammo and ... bodies?

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