The New 52 Has Stopped Working

Brett White really wants to like DC Comics, but the company's recent spate of decisions, talent departures and statements continue to result in a less and less DC-heavy pull list.

DC Comics Solicitations for December, 2013

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for items shipping in December, including the latest on "Forever Evil," "Nightwing," "Harley Quinn" and more. UPDATED with new "Batwoman" solicitation.

Cover of the Week: August 21

This week, Lono brings a Chihuahua to a gunfight, Gotham City meets Neo-Gotham, Lobster Johnson tiptoes through the lotuses, Kate Kane wrestles with demons, and lil' Legion goes for a ride.

Cover of the Week: June 19

This week features the unexpected return of "100 Bullets'" Lono, Batwoman versus Killer Croc, a tear-streaked "Revival," the vortex of the First Born and a stealthy Red Skull.

Cover of the Week - May 15

This week, Snow White readies for war, Wonder Woman gets a show of hands, Gotham gets bloody, Judge Dredd rockets into action and Conan gets naked.

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