CBR TV @ NYCC 2009: Greg Rucka

The hugely popular writer of such titles as "Gotham Central" and Queen & Country," Greg Rucka talks to CBR TV about his newest projects for DC Comics, "Action Comics" and "Detective Comics" -- starring Batwoman!

Greg Rucka Talks "Detective Comics"

Greg Rucka is teaming with all-star artist J.H. Williams III on "Detective Comics" once the long-running series returns from its "Battle for the Cowl"-imposed hiatus in June. And the main character is the Batwoman.

ECCC 2008: DC Nation

The first ever Seattle DC Nation yielded some interesting info, such as a "yes" to a Batwoman series, Peter Pan's "Fables" status and a Lex Luthor / Swamp Thing team-up.

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