J.H. Williams III Paints Gotham Red

J.H. Williams' work on "Detective Comics" has lit up the web with superlative praise, and the artist sits down with CBR to talk about the new Batwoman, working with Greg Rucka, and how long he'll remain with the book.

CBR TV @ NYCC 2009: Greg Rucka

The hugely popular writer of such titles as "Gotham Central" and Queen & Country," Greg Rucka talks to CBR TV about his newest projects for DC Comics, "Action Comics" and "Detective Comics" -- starring Batwoman!

Greg Rucka Talks "Detective Comics"

Greg Rucka is teaming with all-star artist J.H. Williams III on "Detective Comics" once the long-running series returns from its "Battle for the Cowl"-imposed hiatus in June. And the main character is the Batwoman.

ECCC 2008: DC Nation

The first ever Seattle DC Nation yielded some interesting info, such as a "yes" to a Batwoman series, Peter Pan's "Fables" status and a Lex Luthor / Swamp Thing team-up.

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