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What Makes A Fine Farewell to Favorite Shows?

After yesterday's Fringe finale, I've found myself thinking of what a good final episode needs in order to fully satisfy the expectations of its viewers (and especially the long-term fans). Surely it's something more than just tying up all the loose ends, right...?

Nick Barrucci Plans Dynamite's Big 2013

With an array of new series like Mark Waid's "Green Hornet" and Rick Remender's "Devolution," Dynamite Entertainment is looking to strike big in 2013, and Publisher Nick Barrucci explains their long term plans for growth.

The Middle Ground #104 | All of this has happened before

I spent a chunk of this weekend celebrating (memorializing?) this week's end of Mark Waid's Superman-Gone-So-Very-Bad series Irredeemable, re-reading the whole thing (and catching up, too; I'd gone to trades somewhere along the line, and had then managed to lose track somewhere around Vol. 7, so there were ten or so issues that were brand new for me), and realized towards the end something that, in retrospect, I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed before. Namely, Irredeemable was Battlestar Galactica for superheroes.

Syfy Passes on Blood & Chrome

After an unauthorized trailer for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome caught fire online this week, Syfy has announced the prequel won't move forward as a television show but may still have a future as a digital series.

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