Who Won Summer 2012 In Terms of Movies?

This weekend's Total Recall marks the last blockbuster release of the summer season, closing us out with a remake of a much-beloved movie from two decades earlier. Remakes, comic book movies and a misconceived toy movie: What's been your favorite of this summer's big blockbuster movies?

What's the Real Reason For G.I. Joe's Nine-Month Delay?

It's the end of the world as we know it: GI Joe: Retailiation has been pushed back nine months to, according to Paramount, convert the movie into 3D and maximize international box office - The world, it still loves the idea of the Rock literally shouting in your face, it seems. But… nine months? People can make other human beings in that time. Does it really take that long to turn a movie into 3D… or is something else going on? Here are some possible reasons for the delay

Review | Battleship

With Battleship, Universal's sci-fi war film inspired by the classic board game, director Peter Berg delivers a ridiculously loud and virtually incomprehensible blockbuster that's undeniably fun, in part because the cast seems to be in on the joke.

No Super Bowl Ad for Spider-Man, But What About The Avengers?

Warner Bros., Fox and Sony Pictures are skipping the Super Bowl this year, which means no new TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man or Men in Black 3. But Disney, Paramount and Universal are in, which means we'll likely see new promos for The Avengers, John Carter, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Battleship.

Liam Neeson Just Sunk Your Battleship

If he keeps adding actors the way he has been recently, it's very possible that director Peter Berg's toyetic Battleship could end up with the oddest castlist we've seen in years. I mean, Rihanna and Liam Neeson?

Rihanna Hits Set Of Hasbro's Battleship Movie

Rihanna can sing. But can she sink your destroyer? She looks like she's going to give it her best shot in the first photos of the R&B recording artist in costume to emerge from the set of Battleship. Director Peter Berg of Hancock fame had already added Wolverine: Origins Cajun Taylor Kitsch and True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård to his cast. Now, he's going to give her a shot at acting as well.