battle for the cowl

Bristol: DC Nation

DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio and VP of Sales Bob Wayne met with UK fans at the Bristol Comic Expo for the very first British edition of the DC Nation panel, covering "Blackest Night," the All-Star line, "Battle for the Cowl" and more.

Christopher Yost Talks Red Robin

As DC expands the Bat Family of books in June, Christopher Yost takes "Red Robin" on a Jason Bourne-inspired quest for Bruce Wayne. CBR News speaks to Yost in his first interview about the new series.

Under the Hood with Judd Winick, Part II

In second of a two-part interview with Judd Winick, the "Batman" writer speaks extensively about how he was originally handed "Battle for the Cowl," and wrote two issues before he was taken off the project.

Under the Hood with Judd Winick, Part I

In this first of an extensive two-part interview, Judd Winick speaks more candidly than ever about the resurrection of Jason Todd, what to expect during his run on "Batman," and perhaps more importantly, what not to expect.

Ladrönn Covers the Cowl

Fan favorite Mexican artist Ladrönn contributes a series of striking covers for the five one-shots spinning out of Tony Daniel's "Battle For The Cowl" event miniseries, and we spoke with him about his work on the project.

WC: DC Universe Panel

At DC's second WonderCon panel, taking place Saturday afternoon, the publisher announced that Judd Winick is the new writer on "Batman" after "Battle for the Cowl." Winick assured fans his run will be exactly what they expect.

WC: DC Nation Panel

Friday afternoon at WonderCon's DC Nation panel, DC Comics announced which two of the June-debuting series Paul Dini will be writing, a new role for "Manhunter" Kate Spencer, and named the leads for "Gotham City Sirens."

NYCC: Batman - Battle for the Cowl Panel

DC revealed eight Batman titles for June at the Battle for the Cowl panel Saturday afternoon at New York Comic Con. Find out where to read about your favorite Bat-characters and what's in store for the Battle itself.

Fabian Nicieza Unleashes Azrael

Robin and Nightwing have their hands full in post-"Batman R.I.P." and the return of Azrael isn't making things any easier on the heir-apparents. We spoke with writer Fabian Nicieza about "Azrael: Death's Dark Knight."

VanHook Talks "Oracle" Miniseries

With one issue remaining in his monster mash, "Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves," DC has tagged acclaimed horror author/filmmaker Kevin VanHook to pen the **Battle for the Cowl** tie-in miniseries, "Oracle."