Bryan Q. Miller on "Batgirl"

With his first story arc having recently wrapped up, Miller spills the beans on the new Batgirl, speaking to CBR News about the cast, the cornerstone themes and the somewhat hasty exit of the previous Batgirl, Cassandra Cain.

Is DC guilty of a Photoshop Disaster? Could a new public health care plan in America change the way comics are made? Did they really make Spawn Pogs in 1993? Were comics really that crazy in the early 90s? Yes on all counts!

Bryan Q. Miller Teases New "Batgirl"

CBR News checked in with series writer Bryan Q. Miller in hopes of gathering some more information but he proved tighter-lipped than Alfred when it came to divulging any significant Bat-details.

Augie takes a look at some "Batgirl" covers from last week to see what lessons he can learn in cover design, including diagonals and lighting. Also, the new Pipeline Podcast format continues to roll out, with five new podcasts in the last week.

Pipeline goes Retro again this week to take a look at the earlier days of the modern Batgirl. Her original creators gave us a unique and fast-paced read nine years ago, and the stories still hold up. Plus, a podcast announcement.

Beechen Brings Out "Batgirl"

The writer who helped turn Cassandra Cain evil returns her to the side of the angels with a new revenge-tinged miniseries from DC Comics illustrated by Jim Calafiore. CBR spoke with Beechen about "Batgirl."

Batgirl and Beechen Seek Redemption

Adam Beechen has a history with Cassandra Cain, and in the upcoming six-issue miniseries “Batgirl,” the writer plans to resolve every question left outstanding regarding the troubled character.

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