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The Middle Ground #75 | The Other Half

I may not have grown up with GI Joe - I was in the wrong country for that; they were called "Action Force" where I was, which is just generic enough for you to not care that much when you're the right age - but somehow, I've always believed that knowing really is half the battle. That phrase struck me yesterday, reading about the 2000AD/Rebellion deal with Barnes & Noble to fill the space left by their removal of DC Comics' GNs from their shelves, for somewhat obvious reasons. I mean, it's great that Rebellion has such shelf space for 2000AD material, but... will anyone in America really know enough about the brand for it to mean anything?

Examining DC's New 52: Month 2

Brian examines the second month of DC's New 52, the impact of digital exclusivity on brick and mortar retailers, and some potentially underhanded tactics by a major publisher.

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