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10 More Movies We Want To See Make A 3D Comeback

The Lion King? Star Wars? Titanic? Top Gun? It seems as if the new thing for Hollywood is to take an old movie, turn it into 3D and re-release it in theaters for a whole new audience to... I don't know, pay for. But why stop with those movies? Here are ten more movies that demand a 3D revival.

Why Do Genre Movies Come In Threes?

With the new rumor that Warner Bros is already thinking about the third Green Lantern movie before the first has even finished shooting, I started to wonder: Why are movies so obsessed with trilogies?

Original Material? Be Careful What You Ask For, Hollywood

So, it appears that Hollywood has finally realized that there's only so many old toys, cartoon shows and comic books worth making into movies (And somewhere, Marvel and DC are aggressively disagreeing with that last one, I'm sure), and is looking for the movie machine to start churning out original material. Which raises the question: Is anyone really ready for that?

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