back to the future

Biff to the Future #1

How much damage can a sports almanac from the future do? IDW Publishing's Biff to the Future #1 by Bob Gale, Derek Fridolfs & Alan Robinson.

Back to the Future #15

Reality is shifting, and Marty and Doc don’t know why or how… IDW Publishing's Back to the Future #15 by John Barber, Bob Gale & Emma Vieceli.

Back to the Future #12

Delve into the secret history of Needles in CBR's exclusive preview of John Barber, Bob Gale and Emma Vieceli's Back to the Future #12.

Back to the Future #5

John Barber, Bob Gale and Erik Burnham give Clara a nice origin story in "Back to the Future" #5, before diverging into a needless revelation about Emmett Brown that darkens the issue.

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