astonishing thor

Marvel Comics On Sale March 2, 2011

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "5 Ronin" #1, "Astonishing Thor" #3, "Deadpool" #33.1, "Secret Warriors" #25 and many more.

Rodi's Planet-sized "Astonishing Thor"

Robert Rodi and Mike Choi kick off their "Astonishing Thor" mini in November, pitting the title character against the ominously sized adversary, Ego the Living Planet. CBR News spoke with Rodi about the project.

Marvel Announces "Astonishing Thor"

This November, Marvel launches "Astonishing Thor," a new series featuring a storyline that follows up directly on the events of "Siege" as told by the creative team of Rob Rodi and Mike Choi with covers by Esad Ribic.