astonishing spider-man and wolverine

X-POSITION: Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron makes his triumphant return to CBR's X-POSITION , taking the time to answer fan questions about events and pending guests in "Wolverine," plus Kansas City dining tips and preview art!

X-POSITION: Jason Aaron

In this week's X-POSITION, "Wolverine" writer Jason Aaron answers your questions about hell, Logan's evolving spirituality, and shares some "Astonishing" teases. Plus exclusive art by Daniel Acuña.

X-POSITION: Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron swings by X-POSITION this week, offering word on guest stars, Kubrick anecdotes and grooming tips for grizzly men - and we're not talking about Wolverine! Plus, exclusive art from "Wolverine" #3!

Jason Aaron spoke with CBR TV about "Where the Hell Am I," his career in comics to date, developing "Ultimate Comics Captain America" with Ron Garney, his favorite artists to work with and much more!

Jason Aaron returns this week with some pre-New York Comic Con advise for aspiring creators on how to find their dream editor and woo them with the goal of developing a long, loving creator/editor relationship.

X-POSITION: Jason Aaron

"Wolverine" writer Jason Aaron discusses Logan's romantic relationship, his friendship with Spider-Man, and his upcoming trip to Hell. Plus, exclusive art from the next issue of "Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine!"

Aaron and Kubert are "Astonishing"

In "Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine," Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert send the heroes on a strange journey across the Marvel U. We spoke with them about the project, part of Marvel's new "Astonishing" comic line.

Marvel Makes Their Universe "Astonishing"

Marvel will make 2010 a year for reader-friendly miniseries by high-profile creators with "Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine" by Jason Aaron & Adam Kubert and "Astonishing X-Men" by Warren Ellis & Kaare Andrews.