Recap | Arrow: 'Year's End'

In the midseason finale of Arrow, "Year's End," Oliver attempts to reintroduce his family to Christmas, a mysterious Dark Archer begins killing some of the businessmen on The Hood's list, and Walter finally goes too far in his investigation of Robert Queen's death.

Barrowman Brings Malcolm Merlyn To "Arrow"

The actor behind "Torchwood's" Captain Jack Harkness gleefully turns villain for The CW's "Arrow," and he tells CBR how the ruthless Malcolm Merlyn leads to the debut of the dark archer in tonight's mid-season finale.

Arrow Teases Winter Finale

The promo for Arrow's Dec. 12 episode, "Year's End," teases the arrival of a mysterious dark archer in Starling City. Meanwhile, Fringe alum Seth Gabel reveals more about his Count Vertigo-inspired villain and the drug he brings with him.

Recap | Arrow: 'Vendetta'

In the conclusion of Arrow's two-part Huntress story arc, the Triad and the mob come to blows, Walter holds onto his suspicions about Moira's shady dealings, and Oliver and Helena grow closer -- only to fall apart.

Arrow Seeks Shado Actress

Producers of The CW's breakout series Arrow are seeking to cast the role of Shado, the DC Comics archer and assassin turned Oliver Queen's ally and lover.

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