Arrow Tracks Down Its Firefly

SGU Stargate Universe actor Andrew Dunbar will play Firefly on the 10th episode of Arrow, joining a rapidly expanding list of DC Comics villains appearing on The CW series.

Recap | Arrow: 'Lone Gunman'

As classic DC Comics villain Deadshot takes center stage in this week's episode of Arrow, Oliver Queen comes up with a way to mask his nighttime activities -- only to be forced to reveal his secret to someone.

Why Does TV Like Green Arrow So Much?

The news that the CW's Arrow performed surprisingly well in the ratings for the CW last night - earning its best weekday night viewing figures for three years - is just the capper on a slowly-emerging fact that seems somewhat nonsensical to comic book fans. Namely: Green Arrow seems to be really rather popular with mainstream audiences.

Recap | Arrow: 'Pilot'

In the premiere of The CW's Arrow, we're introduced to former bad boy Oliver Queen, who returns after five years stranded on an island with a unique set of skills and a mission to bring down the evildoers preying on Starling City.

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