A Creative Retreat Wrap

This week, Marvel Comics welcomed its biggest writers to plot the post-"AvX" Marvel U, and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso gives the inside scoop including the fate of Archangel, incoming battles and more.

Adam Kubert Variant Covers "X-Force" #12

Marvel Comics has released Adam Kubert's variant cover for "Uncanny X-Force" #12, part two of Rick Remender and Mark Brook's "Dark Angel Saga" featuring a return to the Age of Apocalypse!

"Uncanny X-Force" Tells "The Dark Angel Saga"

Marvel Comics has released a teaser for the next arc of "Uncanny X-Force" titled "The Dark Angel Saga. No further information was given, but the publisher promises answers during next week's C2E2 convention.

Remender Ushers In X-Force's Apocalypse

In "The Apocalypse Solution," the debut arc of "Uncanny X-Force" series, the titular team has targeted the villainous Apocalypse for elimination. We spoke with writer Rick Remender about the villain's return.

Remender Readies the "Uncanny X-Force"

Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opena kick off their new ongoing series "Uncanny X-Force" in October. CBR News spoke with Remender about the individual cast members of the book and his plans for the series.