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Black Canary #7

The Quietus arrives and the band rallies to stop it in "Black Canary" #7, where Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu use the language of comics to best show its rampage.

Archie #4

The #LipstickIncident that led to Archie and Betty's breakup is both emotionally and comically unveiled in Mark Waid and Annie Wu's "Archie" #4.

Black Canary #3

"Black Canary" #3 draws parallels between superhero action and a band on tour, even as Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu give us a bit more backstory on why everyone's looking for Ditto.

Black Canary #2

Get in the van with Black Canary and find out who has been stalking them in "Black Canary" #2 by Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu.

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