anna mercury

You won't need a dose of venom to enjoy this week's wonderfully winning batch of comics, with a flying monkey coming into his own, a combat magician pulling the trigger and much more, moving past extradimensional sidekicks.

Things go well this week, with tons of guns and wonderful cleverness, from a dystopian Manhattan to an alternate earth, from the inside of a mad mind to the outer limits of storytelling and back to dusty Nevada.

This week: the Declaration of Independents; what's new in superhero comics, and the dark, unexpected secret between two major rival series; and lots of notes, including "What If?" tales, "Wanted," the unproven RIAA, a new Comics Cover Challenge and more.

WW Chicago: An Evening With Warren Ellis

A near fight, "Anna Mercury" series 2, 300 cans of Red Bull, some career advice and Godzilla porn highlight Warren Ellis' entertaining - and sometimes disturbing - 3-hour talk at WizardWorld Chicago.

A thin win with Matt Fraction's cleverness and Freddy Freeman's determination, plus a whole lotta Skrulls, good times in Gotham and a lot more.