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CCI: First Comics Panel

First Comics did not try to overdo the announcement of their reemergence at their Comic-Con International panel, instead focusing on producing quality material and allowing that work to be its own proclamation.

The Middle Ground #60 | First Things First

The news last week about the return of First Comics makes me happier than it has any right to; although I haven't read an incredible amount of the publishers' 1980s/1990s output - which included a couple of gems, which I have read: American Flagg! Nexus! Those two alone feel like they should earn First a place in most comic lovers' hearts - the publisher holds a weird place in my heart for being, I'm pretty convinced, the first American indie publisher I ever bought a comic from, way back when.

This week: Steven has the last word on Howard Chaykin; the EC-Atlas link of the '50s; plus family matters, the comics-methadrine connection, political conspiracy theories, the return of Comics Cover Challenge and more notes

In praise of Howard Chaykin Pt. 1; health care reform and the death panels we already have; plus the ANDRE addendum, Slate looks into why movies don't sell comics, what's a week without the Comics Cover Challenge and more?

Image Comics On Sale December 17, 2008

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR brings you advance looks at new books on sale next week including an exclusive preview of "Armageddon Now: World War III" by Phil Hotsenpiller and Rob Liefeld.

CCI: Spotlight on Howard Chaykin

Last week at Comic-Con International, Howard Chaykin answered questions and talked to fans about his 35-plus year career in the comic book industry, discussing such seminal projects as "Blackhawk" and "American Flagg!"

Howard Chaykin's American Flagg! is Waving

After a three year delay from it's initial announcement, the much anticipated hardcover collection of Howard Chaykin's legendary "American Flagg!" finally sees the light of day through Image Comics & Dynamic Forces.

Image Comics Solicitations for July, 2008

Image has released artwork and solicitation information for new comics on sale in July, including Tori Amos' Comic Book Tatoo and the remastered edition of Howard Chaykin's American Flagg!