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The Top 10 List to Top All Top 10s

In response to a reader question, Tim takes a step back from the crush of current comics to reflect on what would make his All-Time Top 10 comics list. Can Kirby, Moore and Giffen make the cut?

CBR's "DC Universe Online" Studio Visit

CBR News toured Sony Online Entertainment's Austin HQ for a look behind the curtains at the "DC Universe Online," insight into the development process, new details on the game itself and a hands-on experience.

CCC09: DC Comics' Sunday Conversation

Obscure '80s characters coming back, DC's space heroes stepping up strong, and new plans for the Batman and Superman franchises took the spotlight at the traditional fan discussion panel, and CBR was there.

Over the next few months, more than one hundred collected editions will be hitting the shelves at a store near you. Which ones are worthy of shelling out the big bucks? Tim takes a look and gives a run down of his Top 20.

If you only have time to read one column this week, it should be this one! Keith Giffen's back with his thoughts on the "All Star Batman & Robin" #10 fiasco, missing dialog in "Ambush Bug Year None" #2 and much more.

CCI: Spotlight on Keith Giffen

At Comic-Con International, the artist/writer spoke to fans about his entire career, from "Justice League" to"Ambush Bug" to "LoSH" to to writing for - hey, writing for CBR! (And Trencher and the Heckler, too.)

Keith Giffen returns to share his thoughts on "Brave and the Bold," 1960s comic book dialog, what "Countdown" was counting down to, cholesterol drugs and a list of apologies in advance of July's "Ambush Bug: Year None."