amazing spider-man

Rivera to Draw "Amazing Spider-Man"

Illustrator Paolo Rivera will make "Amazing Spider-Man" #577 his debut as a Marvel-exclusive artist. Known primarily for his painting, Rivera revealed to CBR his first issue will be rendered in a more traditional method.

Issue #574

Augie is playing catch up on his comic reading. That includes the overlooked "Cemetery Blues," but also bigger releases like "Amazing Spider-Man," "Trinity" and "Robin/Spoiler." It's a dozen comics reviewed in one column.

NYCC: Waid and Wacker Talk "Amazing Spider-Man"

The "Amazing Spider-Man" creative team is about to get a little bigger because veteran comics writer Mark Waid has signed on to do an arc of the series. CBR News spoke with Waid and Editor Stephen Wacker about their plans for the Wall- Crawler.

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