5 July TV Debuts We Can't Wait to Watch

We're almost midway through the year, and more importantly, we're also almost finished with one of the more dull months for TV premieres of the year. July holds a lot more promise, with plenty of old favorites making a triumphant return. Here are just five you should tune into.

Is Syfy's Monday Success Repeatable?

There's something pleasing about the news that last night's Syfy triple bill of Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Alphas was the most-watched Monday night of programming on the channel for ten years - But is there also something to learn from it?

Why The End Of Stargate Universe Means Bad Things For Syfy

A moment of silence, please, for Syfy's SGU: Stargate Universe, which finishes its run with Monday's episode, "Gauntlet." Not only am I personally sad about the show's cancellation, I also think that it's bad news for Syfy overall. After all: Where are the network's science fiction shows now?

Syfy Announces Its Summer Lineup

The cable channel's summer slate includes the return of Eureka, Haven, Warehouse 13, Hollywood Treasure and Ghost Hunters International, and the debuts of Alphas, Haunted Collector and Legend Quest.

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