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Grant Morrison's Superman Saga, Part I

CBR's Timothy Callahan looks at the chronology of Superman as told by Grant Morrison in the pages of "All Star Superman," Animal Man," "Doom Patrol" and more, sorting all the writer's tales of the Man of Steel into a linear continuity.

DC Comics Lays Off Editor Bob Schreck

Reports came in Friday that editor Bob Schreck, who oversaw DC Comics' best- selling All Star line among numerous other projects, has been let go by the company in the wake of Warner Bros'. company-wide layoffs.

2008 Harvey Award Winners

This weekend saw the presentation of the 2008 Harvey Awards, hosted by Kyle Baker and kicked off with keynote speaker Brian Bendis. Brian K. Vaughan, Darwyn Cooke and "All Star Superman" took the top honors. Updated

Another winning week led off by smirking mechanoids, Grant Morrison's Superman and flames and heroism in Asgard, plus "meh" ratings passed out proliferately and sadness with the Sentry, amidst so much more.

All Star Frank Quitely

With the epic "All Star Superman" concluded with this week's issue #12, CBR News sat down with artist Frank Quitely to discuss his hugely acclaimed work with Grant Morrison on the best-selling DC Comics series.

NYCC: Grant Morrison Spotlight

CBR News was live at Saturday afternoon's Grant Morrison Spotlight at the New York Comic Con. After yesterday's Virgin Comics and Vertigo announcements, who knows what's next? Answer: you~!


In the third and final part of CBR's series, superstar writer Grant Morrison speaks of his oneness with the Man of Steel in All Star Superman and hints at the possibility of some upcoming All Star one-shots. Oh, and more Seaguy too.


In the first part of a weeklong series, writer Grant Morrison discusses with CBR News the finality of "Final Crisis," the fates of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and teases The Flash, Martian Manhunter and the tie-in specials.

This week, George has a rare interview with artist Frank Quitely, currently working on the masterful "All-Star Superman." Quitely talks candidly about his career, his art, and working with the mighty Grant Morrison.

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