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I Finally Care About Superman

After having previously declared his lack of interest in comic books' most iconic character, Brett confesses he's had a change of heart when it comes to Superman.

Comics Don't Have To Matter

Brett wonders why comic book fans are so obsessed with what "matters" and what doesn't, pointing out that some of the best comics published now and in the past were those that "didn't matter."

WC11: Frank Quitely Spotlight

Superstar artist Frank Quitely charmed fans and answered questions ranging from the beginnings of his career, working with Grant Morrison, potential extras for the "We3" and "Flex Mentallo" collections and much more.

ECCC: Frank Quitely Spotlight

Acclaimed Scottish penciller Frank Quitely sat down with Douglas Wolk and a room full of fans at Emerald City Comicon to discuss his past, future, and the trademark qualities of his artwork.

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