all star batman and robin

The Late List: Counting Comics No Shows

From "All-Star Batman" to "The Twelve," CBR runs down 15 of the most rampant late comics NOT on store shelves today to find out how long they've been late, what's taking so long and when to expect them to finally ship.

BACC: Jim Lee Q&A

The WildStorm founder and acclaimed artist spoke with fans about all things comic books, including where he thinks the industry could be headed in light of the formation of DC Entertainment and Disney's pending purchase of Marvel.

DC Comics Lays Off Editor Bob Schreck

Reports came in Friday that editor Bob Schreck, who oversaw DC Comics' best- selling All Star line among numerous other projects, has been let go by the company in the wake of Warner Bros'. company-wide layoffs.

If you only have time to read one column this week, it should be this one! Keith Giffen's back with his thoughts on the "All Star Batman & Robin" #10 fiasco, missing dialog in "Ambush Bug Year None" #2 and much more.

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