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C.O.W.L. #11

In Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel and Rod Reis' "C.O.W.L." #11, key members of the team leave by pink slip or by choice, and the Grey Raven's resolute and idealistic speech by night is followed by an ugly deed by night.

Tobin, Higgins & Siegel Get Their "Game On"

January's "Avengers Academy," "Spider-Girl" and "Young Allies" annuals crossover, putting the teen heroes in the sights of the assassin, Arcade. We spoke with Paul Tobin, Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel about the project.

Higgins and Siegel Enter the "Theater of War"

The filmmakers behind the short film "The League" make their comic debut in "Captain America: Theater of War: Prisoners of Duty." We spoke with the writers about the one-shot, which finds a captured Steve Rogers with a dilemma on his hands.