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Martin and Dayglo Wear "Dirty Helmets"

Alan Martin and Rufus Dayglo, the creators behind Tank Girl's latest adventure, drop some bombs on what to expect in the one-shot, what makes Tank Girl so irresistible and what the future holds for the ass-kicking adventurer.

CCI: Tank Girl Invades Image

As if being published by Titan Books, Judge Dredd Megazine and IDW weren't enough, Image has announced plans to publish some "Tank Girl" one-shots. Co-creator and writer Alan Martin spoke with CBR about the deal.

Alan Martin on Tank Girl's Return

"Tank Girl: Remastered " continues the revitalization of the chaotic heroine from the minds of Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett and writer Alan Martin. We talked to Martin about the new editions, as well as new material for IDW.

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