G. Willow Wilson Takes to the "Air"

CBR News speaks with writer G. Willow Wilson for her thoughts on Amelia Earhart, the upcoming Hilary Swank movie, and how the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean fits so nicely into the world of "Air."

M.K. Perker's Insomnia Cafe

The artist of the Eisner-nominated "Air," M.K. Perker makes his English-language writing debut with Dark Horses "Insomnia Cafe." We spoke with him about the project, a rare books dealer in a library of novels-in-progress.

Winning ways as gunfire and loyalty bring unexpected comics into the land of the purchased, while the Sentry's a sap, SHIELD can't get it right and Supergirl may have a reason for her repeated idiocy. 

Not bad but not good as the DC rules the roost as far as purchases go and there's a lot to not like with schizophrenic scions, Avengers-less "Avengers" and a surprise from Jimmy Olsen.

G. Willow Wilson talks "Air"

The writer of Vertigo's hugely acclaimed "Cairo," G. Willow Wilson talks to CBR News about her new M.K. Perker-illustrated project, "Air," an ongoing series about a flight attendant aboard a hijacked plane heading to a country that doesn't exist.