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Jeff Parker's "Agents of Atlas" Plans

The current volume of "Agents of Atlas" wrapped with issue #11, but the team isn't going anywhere. CBR spoke with Jeff Parker about his plans for the team which begin in a limited series with the X-Men and grow from there.

Nothing but good times as Matt Murdock gets serious, Jimmy Woo and Michael Holt figure it out, Tony Stark breaks it down, there's no place like home for MODOK and Frau Totenkinder gets a makeover in a great week for comics.

Marvel Comics On Sale September 2, 2009

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next Wednesday including "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" #2, "Agents of Atlas" #10, "Cable" #18, "Deadpool" #15, "Exiiles" #6, "Immortal Weapons" #2 and more.

Jeff Parker Talks Agents of Atlas!

The world thinks the Agents of Atlas are villains, but that's cool because they're using their rep to strike at Marvel's most dangerous man, Norman Osborn. We spoke with writer Jeff Parker about his plans for the team.

In a winning week, Rick Remender throws down the gauntlet with two comics making the jump, leading off a week rife with menacing mechanoids, simians everywhere and the return of Super Young Team.

X-POSITION: Jeff Parker

The writer of "Exiles," Jeff Parker takes X-POSITION on a tour of the many worlds in the Marvel Universe - there's more than you think! -- and answers your questions about "Agents of Atlas." Plus exclusive art!

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